Planting Cut Flower Cosmos (7 July 2023)

The shorter garden border varieties of Cosmos are already in the ground and flowering happily.

My ‘Cut Flower’ Cosmos plants have been waiting patiently in 9cm pots for a spot in the garden.

I will give them a little more space than some of the other varieties we have been planting out recently, about 25-30cm apart to produce the best plants and flowing stems.

You can find out more by visiting our Cosmos Video Hub (Click here)

For Soil Science (Click here)

And for the irrigation video this is the link you need (Click here)

Amaranthus (Amaranth) Grow-A-Long Update (2nd July 2023)

The Amaranthus have grown well and it’s time now to plant them out into the garden.

This year I am also planting some ‘unpinched’ plants to help hide a new fence and give a vibrate backdrop to the dahlia’s!

Hollyhock Grow-A-Long Update (2nd July 2023)

The Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea annua) started in mid March are doing so well, but with all this wind it is important to keep an eye on the watering especially when grown in pots, the leaves are enormous! I just give mine a quick check everyday even if it’s been raining as the leaves can act as an umbrella.

Planting out China Asters (28 June 2023)

China Aster (Callistephus chinensis)

Plant in full sun.

I don’t pinch China Aster, the naturally branch on long slender stems.

It’s been sunny, very windy and particularly dry this season.

To help plants cope, I have planted plugs a little deeper to allow the soil to give extra support until they hit the first layer of support wire mesh (stock fencing).

The deeper planting will also help keep the soil around the roots cooler and less likely to dry out between watering.

China asters can suffer from botrytis, to protect plants a good spacing (20-25cm apart or 9”)
will allow airflow between the plants, don’t overwater.

Ideally don’t plant year on year in exactly the same position, move plants around the garden to protect from Fusarium wilt. More information is on our original Grow-A-Long video.

Strawflowers, pinching update and planting out out! (24 June 2023)

A few weeks ago we ‘Pinched Out’ our Strawflowers, now we can have a catch up to see how they are getting on and plant them out into the garden.

If you are particularly looking for the For the ‘pinching information’ fast forward to minute 5!

The weather is unusually hot at the moment so I am going to add a bit of Horticultural Fleece to act as shade cloth to reduce plant stress and help them get quickly established.

Planting in hot weather (16 June 2023)

I give my trays a good soaking ahead of planting.

Then when planting, position them slightly deeper than they were in the trays or pot.

This deeper planting will give them extra support from the soil to stop them flopping around.

And keep the roots cooler and stop them drying out in hot weather as quickly, vital when they have a small root system.

If you add a little water to the planting hole before filling it in the soil covering will help reduce evaporation until you can give them a proper watering once the sun has gone!

All this will help them get established quicker and reduce plant stress.

When starting a brand new bed or border in hot conditions we will give it a good water the day before so the soil is not bone dry because this can suck the water away from the root ball.

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