Water Irrigation for Flower Farming

You’ve been asking about our irrigation for ages, I’ve finally managed to get Neil to stand still long enough to record it.

Extra notes from Neil:

Never turn the valves on and off when the water is on, the pressure can make them difficult to turn and you may snap the fitting with the effort.

3 lines in a 5m x 1.2m bed with all the components and lines at today’s prices will cost approximately £15.

Always probe first to prevent overwatering.

The surface may look dry but the water underneath and around the roots.

Neil has sectioned the garden with valves.

Each section is approximately 90m of drip lines.

This helps conserve water by not watering empty beds that are waiting to be planted, or the plants are smaller and need less than the Sweetpeas for example that might be 7ft.

We patrol the garden and only use it if absolutely necessary.

For reusing rainwater from water butts a pump is recommended.





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