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Dahlia Tuber Sale Coming Late Winter/Early Spring!

The Dahlia Sale will be back for March 2024!

In past years we have really struggled for enough indoor space to fit in the tubers required for a shop. They take up a lot of room!

It’s been a bit of a mission so we thought it might be fun to show you how we have overcome the space issue and finally share our favourite varieties of dahlias again!

Varieties will be announced closer to the time (lots of new pot varieties).

As always, we wait for the breeders to 100% confirm the harvest for the orders we placed months ago.

Thank you so much to @gbgscoltd (https://gbgs.co.uk/) for supplying and fitting the ground screws, a brilliant concrete free alternative and @shedsdirectnet (https://shedsdirect.net/) for a bespoke build to make the most of the space we had, you can barely even notice it’s there!!

I will email subscribers as soon as the Shop is ready to preview so you can start making your lists!

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In the meantime here are my Dahlia Grow-A-Long Videos, just scroll down to find the video you need.

How to deadhead Dahlias too keep plants nice and compact.

Dahlias tend to flower in 3’s once finished bloom, on tall varieties cut stems lower back down to a set of new shoots. Sometime the a growth shoot is part of the trio, in this case we leave that stem to grow on. I have created this video because it much easier to show you!

Stars of the show (so far) in this video are Dahlia Wine Eyed Jill Dahlia Strawberry’s n’ Cream Dahlia Ambition Dahlia Karma Chocolate Dahlia Labyrinth

Dahlia Season
Lifting and Storing Dahlias
Before using always check the temperature highs on a sunny day, even in winter
Over Wintering Dahlia’s in the Ground
Dahlia Gall Crown Gall and Leafy Gall
Lifting Dahlia’s in the Spring
Dividing Dahlias
Dividing Huge Dahlias
Dahlia Tubers Finding the ‘eyes’
Starting Dahlias in pots, here are the pot sizes I use
It can be very easy to overwater you Dahlias, especially when waking tubers up.
How to take Dahlia Cutting’s
An update on our Dahlia Cuttings
‘Pinching Dahlias’
Planting Out and Staking Dahlias
Simple way to check for spent blooms when deadheading Dahlias
Dahlia’s tend wilt it’s leaves to slow down transpiration, however this does not necessarily mean they need watering.
Disbudding Dahlias
Zoe Woodward Gardening Dahlia Planting Advice


Videos coming soon…

Harvesting Dahlia’s

Arranging with Dahlia’s

Dahlia, dividing, dividing large dahlias, taking cuttings, finding the eyes on Dahlias, planting, cutting flowers. Deadheading dahlias and disbudding. Over wintering Dahlias it’s all here!


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