Grow-A-Long Malope

Malope trifida Grow-A-Long

Late Winter is the perfect time to sow Malope.

Plants grow too quickly from an Autumn sowing and dislike languishing in cold compost trays so we will delay sowing until late winter when the light levels return.

Sow one seed per cell. Chilling seeds for 2-3 weeks before sowing really helps speed up germination. I pre-chilled the January seed shop seeds, so if you ordered from us you are good to go!

Cover seeds lightly with compost.

Malope Arrangement (including Wild Carrot, Snapdragons and Scabious)

The New Grow-A-Long Seed Shop is nearly here! One of the reasons we grow!

A few of the seeds that will be part of the up coming Grow-A-Long.

Malope trifida ‘Rose’

Scabiosa atropurpurea ‘Garden Blend’

Snapdragon ‘Madame Butterfly’ Antirrhinum majus

Wild Carrot Daucus carota dara

Our seeds are only available just before each Grow-A-Long and sell out quickly! If you would like to order my seeds please click the link below and add yourself to my mailing list.

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