Grow-A-Long Stocks

Stocks (Matthiola incana) Grow-A-Long

This Weekend we will be sowing our Stocks (both ‘Pot’ and ‘Cut Flower’ varieties) In this video I will explain about sowing and growing including doing a 2nd sowing in 3 weeks time!

Extreme weather warning

During the big freeze Bring in trays of seedlings at night the leaves will turn a nice lemon colour if they are allowed to get very cold and this won’t go back when they warm up.

Greenhouse Update Stock Seedlings

The Stocks are growing so well and you can start to see the leaves changing colour ready for selection.

This happens only on our pot stocks and they will need some time in the cold greenhouse to achieve this.

Here are the full videos on Stock Selection I mentioned.

About half your stock plants will be singles and half the plants will produce double blooms so grow twice as many as you need.

We will have a go at selecting out the single stock plants to increase the odds of doubles.

Not all stocks are suitable for selecting. In this video we will select stocks that are effected by colour change. Plants will need to be chilled for selecting to be possible.

Out in the cold greenhouse nature will do this for us.

Planting up a pot

Harvesting Stocks Matthiola incana

Harvest stocks straight into deep water and allow them to condition preferably overnight.

New Video! How to cut and condition Stocks (Matthiola incana) for the longest vase life

I use a dark cool shed with the door open, this allows any insects to escape back into the garden before I come to arrange with the flowers.

A cool kitchen or bathroom with an open window will also work well.

Insects including the dreaded Pollen Beetle dislike being indoors.

Harvesting Stocks

Frazzled Flowers

Searing can help revive dehydrated blooms.

Frazzled Flowers (Searing)