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Cosmos is light sensitive, sowing too late in the Spring can delay flowering resulting in the dreaded ‘Cosmos Trees’!

However from my trials I have found that sown too early the lower light levels initiate flowering too quickly at the expense of vegetative growth giving short plants with small flowers.

About now is the ideal time to start Cosmos for the best of both worlds.

Happy Sowing!

Love Zoe x

8th May 2023

Cosmos Update

It’s been 8 weeks since we started our Cosmos bipinnatus.

The plants have grown strongly and some are even starting to form flower buds.

Cosmos as light sensitive, sow too late and you will end up with the dreaded Cosmos trees! However sowing to early can cause the plants to flower prematurely at the expense of good vegetative growth.

Early Spring (March) is ideal and plants are now ready to be potted on.

Pinching Cosmos

Planting Cut Flower Cosmos (7 July 2023)

The shorter garden border varieties of Cosmos are already in the ground and flowering happily.

My ‘Cut Flower’ Cosmos plants have been waiting patiently in 9cm pots for a spot in the garden.

I will give them a little more space than some of the other varieties we have been planting out recently, about 25-30cm apart to produce the best plants and flowing stems.

You can find out more by visiting our Cosmos Video Hub (Click here)

For Soil Science (Click here)

And for the irrigation video this is the link you need (Click here)

A simple table arrangement using just Phlox and Cosmos.

You don’t need a dedicated cutting patch to grow enough flowers for arranging.

This year we have created 3 smaller cottage garden beds with different planting combinations. All have been grown with seeds from our grow-a-long in just a few months.

Our Autumn Jump Starter seed shop this year will include more petite varieties of our favourites so you can join in whatever your growing space. Here is an idea for right now, a simple table arrangement using just Phlox and Cosmos.


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