Buttonholes for beginners

Ranunculus make fabulous buttonholes (boutonnières) and corsages but the stems can be delicate, the last thing you want at a wedding is personal flowers that don’t last the whole day.

Buttonholes for beginners

As requested here is the long detailed version.

When starting out, doing your first wedding or perhaps your own wedding you are all fingers and thumbs so I have taped each item separately and I’ve kept the stems intact so they can be made the day before and left to relax and rehydrate overnight in water before trimming down just before the ceremony.

I have used:

0.7mm Green Lacquered Stub Wire

Stemtex – Moss (this is paper tape, it’s much easier for beginners)

Corsage Clips (Pin and magnetic)

A tiny bit of Anchor Tape – 6mm (not essential but it secures the clips brilliantly)

Sharp Snips

Small vase of water

Quick Version of the Ranunculus Buttonhole

You can add a final flourish by adding twine or ribbons to cover the tape at the last moment if you wish.

Pompon Dahlia Buttonhole