Grow-A-Long Rudbeckia

Late Winter is the perfect time to sow Rudbeckia hirta for blooms from later in Summer until the frosts.

As many of you are growing along without the aid of heat mats and limited windowsill space I thought I would experiment with germination under similar conditions.

So far I have germinated everything from our Grow-A-Long Seed shop successfully with only a few more days to wait.

Nurseries grow light sensitive Rudbeckia in climate controlled conditions to achieve uniform flowering.

In this video I will explain ‘step by step’ how to take advantage of the ‘natural’ growing season and changing light levels to get great results!

For busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Grow-A-Long Handbooks.

It contains technical growing information including plant heights and spacing, what to pinch and when, key dates to help you plan for the growing season ahead, and a sowing schedule.