Anemone Black & White

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Anemone Black & White

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They are back!

After last seasons crop failure we are delighted to have Anemone Black and White back in stock!

Extremely hard to get hold of and a little more expensive for us to secure.

Striking, Anemone Black & White has a dark eye that is actually more navy than black. I think this makes it even more desirable and so easy to pair with other blooms. The back of the petals are blushed pink when flowers newly emerge, fading to pure white as they age.

These specialty cut flower types are F1 hybrids which entails hand pollination and are therefore, much more expensive to produce. These special corms are usually only available to the professional grower.

Suitable for starting either in the Autumn or in the Spring why not sow some and save some to extend your harvest!

Packet size: 10 bulbs

How to Grow:

Corms will arrive in a dehydrated state and need to be soaked in a bowl of water for 12 hours before planting in pots or cell trays of at least 6.5cm square.

Rodents love to steal your precious corms so you need to protect them until the corms develop into plants.

Growing Anemones will be new to most gardeners, so I will be providing step by step growing advice and videos, if you subscribe to my You Tube channel you will be notified as each video goes live.

Busy gardeners can now plan ahead with our new season Anemones, Ranunculus & Ranunculus Butterfly Handbook 2023.


Autumn started corms can bloom as early as mid February,  however a cold Spring will delay the start of flowering until March.

Late Winter / early Spring started corms generally flower for us from the beginning of  May and continue blooming well into June.

Local weather conditions will affect the exact blooming times. Anemones will need frost protection to protect the buds and blooms from damage.


Autumn sown corms will be taller growing up to 50-60 cm, Spring started corms will still reach an impressive 45-55 cm.

Position plants in full sun.

Cutting /Vase Life:

With a vase life of up to 10 days, anemones make a supreme cut flower.

Cut as soon as flowers open to fairly shallow water, deep warm water can make stems perish prematurely.

Place flowers straight into buckets of clean clear water. We rest our stems in a cool dark location for at least a few hours in water, preferably overnight, This is called conditioning.

These corms have been bred for the professional cut flower industry. F1 hybrid hand pollinated, you may occasionally receive the odd ‘rogue’ a colour outside your selection.