Grow-A-Long Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea annua)

Mid March is the perfect time to start these first year flowering hollyhocks!

If you are wondering about standard Hollyhocks I have included information in the video for those as well.

Hollyhock Grow-A-Long Update (2nd July 2023)

The Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea annua) started in mid March are doing so well, but with all this wind it is important to keep an eye on the watering especially when grown in pots, the leaves are enormous!

I just give mine a quick check everyday even if it’s been raining as the leaves can act as an umbrella.

Hollyhock Update – Overwintering (23 October 2023)

These are our Special first year flowering hollyhocks (Alcea rosea annua) very different for the regular biennial types. Technically a tender perennial, you can have a go at over wintering your plants. These Hollyhocks were only started in March and bloomed the same summer. You can get your hands on our special seeds in our January seed shop.

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