Planting Anemones & Ranunculus

Planting Anemones and Ranunculus in Containers

For those without a greenhouse my advice is not to start corms in the Autumn.

Pots need protection against extreme weather such as snow, frost and heavy rain so for easiness I will leave mine in the greenhouse to grow for the time being, but they can go outside on sunny days to start acclimatising to the outside environment (I find this useful to free up a bit of space while I work on other plants in the greenhouse, putting them back once I’m done).

As we head into Spring we will be able to leave pots outside day and night, but in a sheltered spot. HOWEVER we will still need to bring pots back undercover during cold frosty spells.

During Spring temperatures usually recover fairly quickly and pots can go back outside by morning.

But we do sometimes get caught by a short spell of extreme cold so keep this in mind when planning your planting.

For more advice on what to do in cold spells you will find the real-time greenhouse updates useful

4th January 2023

Planting Ranunculus Under Cover

Its early January and time to plant out my Autumn started Ranunculus corms. Dedicated Videos on Planting Anemones will follow shortly stay tuned!

3rd January 2023

Cold Damage and why we can’t plant Anemones and Ranunculus ‘out out’ in the garden.

January usually has a few mild days which can fool you into thinking Winter is over. Here is what can happen if your plants are damaged by the cold.

Pot Sizes (Growing Anemones and Ranunculus in containers)

In this video I show you the pots I use in my garden with all the measurements.


Ranunculus Update Watering and what to do if they wilt.

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