Overwintering Scented Pelargoniums

As we head into Winter I will move my scented pelargoniums into an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel to overwinter.

It’s fairly mild overwinter here in Buckinghamshire and I find they don’t mind the odd cold spell too much as long as they are not wet.

Like dahlia’s it’s the wet that kills them, either by the water in the soil freezing and damaging the roots or by rotting.

Keep Pelargoniums on the very dry side.

The same advice can be applied to other Pelargonium Varieties such as Regal, Zonal and Ivy Leaved Pelargoniums.

Just check the minimum lows for your particular plant and your local conditions.

Overwintering Scented Pelargoniums

For taking Scented Pelargonium Cuttings click the link below

Taking Scented Pelargonium Cuttings

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