Grow-A-Long Orlaya Grandiflora

A beautiful, delicate filler, flowering in June and July.

If you have ever struggled with Orlaya, this grow-a-long will change your life!

Our super fresh robust seeds germinate brilliantly from an Autumn sowing.

Seeds will only germinate when conditions are right so don’t worry if you have to wait several weeks for the first signs of life.

Plants are pre-programmed in nature to remain dormant until conditions are perfect.

If we experience a warm autumn, pre-chill in the fridge for 1-2 weeks before sowing.

Seed Starting Orlaya grandiflora

Harvesting Orlaya grandiflora

Harvesting Orlaya grandiflora

This early in the season you want to cherry pick those stems that are fully open but without any sign of pollen drop. Stems will feel firm to the touch while underdeveloped buds will feel soft and bendy under your fingers, avoid these stems for now because they will likely wilt after picking.