Grow-A-Long Part 1 How to grow Ranunculus

Called the ‘Rose of Spring’, Ranunculus will provide gorgeous blooms throughout the start of the season, giving you an abundance of flowers long before the Roses wake up.

Autumn sown plants will need a protected growing space, either undercover in a greenhouse or polytunnel or in pots in a greenhouse. They will start blooming well before the last frosts. Frosts will damage the leaves and the flowering stems.

The protected growing environment will also give you very tall stems.

Grow-A-Long Part 1 How to grow Ranunculus

By early May, Autumn started corms will begin to shut down due to the very warm polytunnel temperatures. Plants have also been growing a very long time so in late Winter/early Spring I sow another round of corms.

This 2nd sowing will give me flowers in May and June, and depending on your local conditions, you might still be picking flowers in early July.

Reminder: Do not start corms December or JANUARY – light levels are too low and corms could rot in the cold.
Ranunculus Update (29 November 2022) Watering and what to do if they wilt

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