Grow-A-Long Eucalyptus

How to sow and grow your own Eucalyptus (Late Winter)

For busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Grow-A-Long Handbooks.

It contains technical growing information including plant heights and spacing, what to pinch and when, key dates to help you plan for the growing season ahead, and a sowing schedule.

Potting on and coppicing Eucalyptus seedlings (Late Spring)

It’s Late Spring and the seedlings are ready for a bit more room and last years seedlings are ready to be coppiced to turn them from trees into shrubs.

Please don’t coppice mature plants, Eucalyptus does not respond well to hard dramatic pruning. Plants may go into shock and die. Instead order seeds from us in January and grow your own very Eucalyptus plants.

Eucalyptus update (Late Summer)

Its time to revisit our Eucalyptus Seedlings and the plants we coppiced in Late Spring.