Zinnia ‘All the Queens’


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Zinnia ‘All the Queens’

Zinnia elegans

New for January 2023!

Often seed mixes not equal, they are dominated with one colour or variety a supplier has too much of, annoyingly this is usually a colour you didn’t really want to grow at all but had to have as part of the mix.

Choice of seed, freshness and quality is this reason I like to create my own mixes and blends. I include only the colours I want to grow from the new season harvest knowing it’s the same top quality you have come to trust.

Once grown we will use every stem!

During the heat wave of 2022 these Zinnia’s didn’t flinch, it was almost 40°C in the garden and a scorching 56°C undercover in the polytunnel!

Zinnia’s grow well undercover and very tall, just keep them well watered.

How to grow:

Zinnias resent cold wet conditions, avoid frost at all costs and give seeds a warm germination period.

Sow one seed per cell covering lightly with compost.

Don’t allow Zinnias to get root bound, this will delay flowering and the stress can cause the flowers to bloom as singles.

Plant 22cm apart in well-drained soil with full sun.

For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow-A-Long’  and for busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Spring Grow-A-Long Handbook.

Variety:  Zinnia elegans
Type: Half Hardy Annual
Position: Full sun, well-drained soil
Sow: Spring
Space: Plant 22cm
Height: 60 -75cm (undercover plants can reach 100cm)
Harvest: June/July onwards
Seeds per packet: 30

Cutting /Vase Life:

FLOWERING: Pick when stems are firm and the flower heads don’t wobble. To test, hold stems halfway down and gently wiggle back and forth. If the neck of the Zinnia flower wobbles, it’s not ready to Pick.

Zinnia’s can dirty the water in vases, to keep it clear simply change water regularly or add a drop of bleach to the water. Click for more detailed information on conditioning.