Tomato ‘Micro Cherry’


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Tomato ‘Micro Cherry

Solanaceae lycopersicum

Tomato ‘Micro Cherry’ really caught your attention on Instagram!

The plants quite simply drip with fruit! Its like the tomato equivalent ‘magic porridge pot’!

I gave a few plants for Ruth to take home and try in her own garden. Her little girl Freya became utterly obsessed with picking her own plate of tomatoes every day.

This handsome plant is a  bush type, you won’t have to worry about pinching out any side shoots, they grow happily in a container, 15L is ideal with 1 plant per pot (see gallery).

No staking required, they crop abundantly with small sweet tangy tomatoes.

How to grow:

If you have a greenhouse with a heat mat, you can start sowing seeds mid February, otherwise wait a while and sow late March.

Sow 3-5 seeds in a 9cm pot covering lightly with compost. Place in a warm spot, a heat mat or a warm windowsill indoors. Around 24°C is ideal and will result in fast germination.

Once seedlings emerge, move pots to the best-possible light you can, such as a greenhouse or conservatory.

After the last frosts and once you start to see flowers,  move plants to their final planting positions, spacing 45-60cm apart or one plant per 15L sized pot. Grow Bags are also excellent, plant 2-3 plants depending on size.

A well ventilated location is essential for successful pollination. Tomatoes are self pollenated so you need low humidity, gentle breeze and insects buzzing around.

Tender plants, don’t move outside until all danger of frost has passed and even then, give them a warm sheltered spot.

For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow-A-Long’  and for busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Spring Grow-A-Long Handbook.

Variety: Solanaceae lycopersicum
Type: Half Hardy Annual
Position: Full sun
Sow: Spring – Summer
Germination: Up to 15 days
Height: 40-50cm
Seeds per packet: 10
Harvest: Start picking when the fruit is ripe and fully coloured.