Spring Grow-A-Long Handbook


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Spring Grow-A-Long Handbook

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Following on from the Autumn Jump Starter Grow-A-Long, when we started our cold hardy flower varieties to grow slowly over the Winter, we are now turning our attention to varieties that like things a bit warmer!

Our biggest handbook to date

Wherever you are gardening in the world, it is unlikely that the flower seeds you are sowing are native.

For hundreds of years plant hunters have travelled the world bringing back the flower varieties we enjoy today.

So, the first thing we should do before sowing a single seed, is to examine where each plant originally came from, what time of year it would naturally bloom and the local climate conditions. We can then match ‘as close as possible’ with our own individual seasonal weather. Making plants feel as ‘at home’ as possible.

For the purpose of this Grow-A-Long I have done much of this work for you and will guide you through step by step on my Instagram stories.

This handbook is designed to accompany the video stories, giving you the low down on individual varieties. Use it as a guide to help you plan your garden for the summer ahead.

Our autumn jump starter plants will begin blooming from early Spring and take us right through into summer.

Spring Grow -A-Long

It’s almost impossible to be both cold hardy and heat loving. Plants are generally one or the other and nothing will have the energy to bloom forever, so as we head into high Summer, our Autumn started plants will slowly begin to fade, leaving a gap in the garden ready to be filled with something fresh and new.

I sow and grow my seed varieties when our ‘seasons’ coincide (as much as possible) with their natural environment and growing conditions.

An everchanging view, and flowers from early spring all the way to the first frosts is the target.

Local conditions

If you are following along from overseas, it might be useful to know my local weather conditions which are displayed in the footer area of this website.



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