Larkspur ‘Frosted Skies’


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Larkspur ‘Frosted Skies’

Delphinium consolida ambigua

All our seed is from the latest harvest and super fresh.

I have been desperate to bring this variety to you for a couple of years and now finally its here!

Icy Blue and white blooms really live up to the name ‘Frosted Skies’.

Larkspur makes a real statement in the garden with towering spires of flowers mid summer, bridging the gap between earlier bloomers such as Sweet Rocket and Orlaya grandiflora and the later blooming Half Hardy’s such as Cosmos that we will sow and grow in Spring.

Cornflower ‘Classic Fantastic’ has similar ice blue shades makes the perfect planting partner.

Note: All parts of this plant are poisonous, including the seeds. Exercise caution around children and pets.

How to grow:
Sow seed into modules in Autumn for best results. Larkspur needs both cold stratification to break seed dormancy and trigger germination and vernalisation (a period of cool growing temperatures) to trigger flower development.

Provide support to protect plants from heavy rain showers.

For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow-A-Long’  and for busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Autumn Jump Starter Handbook

Variety: Delphinium consolida ambigua
Type: Hardy annual
Position: Full sun in free draining soil.
Sow: Spring or Autumn
Germination: Up to 30 days
Height: 150-170 cm
Harvest: June – July
Seeds per packet: 250 (approx. counted by weight)

Cutting /Vase Life:
For the longest vase life cut when a third of the blooms are open. Larkspur can also be dried and used to make natural confetti.
To dry, let all but the top three to four flowers open, then pick and hang upside down in a dry place out of bright light for 2-3 weeks.

For fresh flowers, place straight into buckets of clean fresh water and leave them to rest for at least a few hours, this is called conditioning.

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