Hollyhock ‘Spring Blend’


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Hollyhock ‘Spring Blend’

Alcea rosea annua

Usually only available to nurseries to grow as ‘plants for sale’, these Hollyhocks can cost up to £14 per plant.

Completely different to standard Hollyhocks, this special ‘Spring Blend’ will flower magnificently the same year.

They are shorter, bushy and compact which means you can plant them anywhere, perfect in containers as well as your garden borders.

Flowering after the pot stocks they are the ideal follow on plant.

Plants can be cut down to flower again next year, I’ve potted mine up for replanting next Summer so I can use the containers for Tulips in between.

How to grow:

Don’t start them off too early, for best results wait until daylight levels have returned to around 12 hours – mid March for me.

Seeds will benefit from ‘a bit of warmth’ to germinate, 20-22°C is ideal, a warm kitchen or a heat mat. I sow one seed per cell on to the surface of the compost covering lightly with compost (potting soil) or vermiculite, a clear propagator lid will help retain moisture and humidity.

Plant 25cm apart in Summer for late season blooms.

For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow-A-Long’  and for busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Handbooks.

Variety: Alcea rosea annua
Type: Perennial grown as an annual
Position: Plants require full sun but will take a little part shade in hot dry gardens.
Sow: Spring
Height: 60-80cm
Spacing: 25cm
Harvest: dramatic displays from August/September
Seeds per packet: 25 (approx. counted by weight)

Seeds are very expensive so I have chosen 25 seeds to balance packet cost with the number of plants required  for dramatic displays.