Courgette ‘Defender’ F1


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Courgette ‘Defender’ F1

Cucurbita Pepo

If you have never grown vegetables before then the humble Courgette (or Zucchini) is a great place to start.

Courgette ‘Defender’ is a F1 hybrid variety. Heavy yielding, resistant to ‘Mosaic Virus’, winning a RHS Award of Garden Merit for its tasty deep green very lightly flecked fruits.

Brilliant for children, they will love the way they grow quickly and look like something from ‘Jurassic Park’ emerging from the compost.

There is so much more to courgettes than boiling them. They can be fried, sliced, stuffed and spiralised. I don’t eat Pasta at all during the summer anymore, preferring my ‘home made’ and ‘home grown’ ‘Courgetti’.

Flowers can be stuffed with cream cheese and fried lightly with or without a dusting of flour. Far from a glut, I’m often seeking the next fruits to come out.

How to Grow:

Courgette plants are frost tender and they grow very quickly so don’t start them too early.

Plant seeds individually, one per 9cm pot.

Seeds benefit from a bit of warmth for germination, a steady temperature of 20-22°C is ideal.

Plant out after the last frost, spaced 90cm apart or in container’s. Pots should be at least 45cm wide, planting just one plant per pot.

For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow-A-Long’ on Instagram  and for busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Spring Grow-A-Long Handbook

Variety: Cucurbita Pepo
Type: Half Hardy Annual
Position: Full sun
Sow: Spring – Summer
Pinching: Not required
Height: 45cm
Spread: 90cm
Seeds per packet: 20

Harvest: Pick courgettes when they are roughly 10-12.5cm (4-5in) long. Regular picking of courgettes while they are small, will ensure a long cropping period. Check regularly, if left they can quickly turn into marrows and flavour will be watery.