Ammi visnaga daucoides


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Ammi visnaga daucoides

Flowering later than Ammi majus!

Ammi visnaga daucoides will fill the ‘filler flower gap’ from July onwards.

The super green ferny foliage looks delightful all throughout Spring and early summer before bursting into bloom with white umbellifers.

Stem flowers are more chunky than Ammi majus, complementing later flowers such as Dahlia’s perfectly.

Many people miss out on this amazing plant by sowing and growing it at the wrong time. My Autumn started plants tower at almost 7ft.

They make the perfect garden backdrop and a must for weddings and florists.

All our seed is from the latest harvest and super fresh.

How to grow:
Easy to grow, start seeds in early Autumn for best results. This will allow plants time to grow before the Summer heat pushes them into bloom. Provide support, for super straight stems and to protect against ‘wind rock’.

2023 was a particularly wild and windy summer, they stood up to the weather perfectly

For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow-A-Long’  and for busy gardeners you can now plan ahead with our Autumn Jump Starter Handbook

Variety: Ammi visnaga daucoides
Type: Hardy Annual
Position: Full sun in free draining soil.
Sow: Autumn for best results
Germination: Up to 30 days
Height: 150-190cm
Harvest: June -July
Seeds: 500

Cutting /Vase Life:
Cut when almost all of the flowers on a stem are open. If harvested too early the young sappy stems have a tendency to wilt. You can feel stems thicken and become more rigid as stems mature. Place flowers straight into ready buckets of water. We rest our stems for a few hours in water, this is called conditioning.

The milky sap of this plant may cause skin irritation, I have never had a problem, but I’d recommend you wear gloves to be on the safe side. Keep away from pets and livestock as it can be toxic to cats, dogs and horses.

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